Numbers around us….. (November 2014)

The lesson was planned for  D class,(November 2014), by  English teacher Iatropoulou Fani,  to be carried out in a two-hour session.The major aim was to revise numbers.  Although learners had mastered counting from one to ten during the previous school year and despite the fact that they did well in oral production of numbers from eleven to one hundred, which were dealt with in the  previous unit , there was still considerable confusion regarding spelling, especially as far as numbers from eleven to twenty were concerned. Therefore, students had to be provided with a chance to write them down once again,yet not  in the abstract way of mathematical calculations that  the book exercises adopted, but in a more concrete way of connecting them with the world around us. At the same time they would be given the chance to expand their vocabulary.

Α few works of children

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