Door numbers – Distance calculation (Novemder 2014 )

The children of B class worked in small groups to observe the number, the shape in buildings, and measure the distance from church to school with the help of small squares which were painted by them on the sidewalk outside of the school yard . Each child counted his steps until  he reach the front door of the school. They took pictures.   Then, they went back in class, the children used this data to compare the results of their work.





FOTO1 459 FOTO1 460 FOTO1 453 FOTO1 449 FOTO1 450 FOTO1 461 FOTO1 448 FOTO1 466 FOTO1 468 FOTO1 469 FOTO1 472 FOTO1 474 FOTO1 476 FOTO1 478 FOTO1 479 FOTO1 436 FOTO1 437 FOTO1 438 FOTO1 439 FOTO1 435