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Right Angle Hunt – Year 2

Year 2 have been learning about right angles. They know that these are where 2 lines meet and they measure 90 degrees.

The children made their own right angle catcher and enjoyed looking around our school grounds to find as many right angles as possible …

DSCN9619 DSCN9621 DSCN9623 DSCN9624 DSCN9625 DSCN9627 DSCN9628 DSCN9631 DSCN9632 DSCN9633 DSCN9634 DSCN9637 DSCN9641 DSCN9642 DSCN9643 DSCN9644 DSCN9647 DSCN9648 DSCN9649 DSCN9650 DSCN9654 DSCN9655 DSCN9656

Planting Sunflowers – Year 2

Year 2 were delighted this week when Mr Scannel came to help them plant some sunflower seeds …


The children answered many maths questions linked to this…

  • How many sunflowers can we grow in this tray?
  • If we had 2 trays how many could we plant?
  • Can you estimate how far down we need to plant the seed?

Problem solving in the Garden – Year 2

Year 2 have been continuing to develop their addition skills and have worked with numbers that bridge through 10. The children began by using dienes blocks as a visual aid, they then moved to just using number.

Following this, the children were then able to solve some problems which all linked to problems in the garden …

DSCN1135 DSCN1137 DSCN1141 DSCN1144 - Copy DSCN1155 DSCN1156 - Copy DSCN1159 DSCN1160 - Copy DSCN1165 DSCN1167 DSCN1169 DSCN1210DSCN1212 DSCN1214 DSCN1215DSCN1216 DSCN1217 DSCN1218DSCN1219 DSCN1231 DSCN1232DSCN1233 DSCN1234

Young horticulturists – Year 3

IMG_0434 IMG_0432 IMG_0433

Our latest visit to the raised beds saw us plant a lot more things.  We planted lettuce, cauliflower, brocolli, lavender, peas and some herbs.  We read the planting instructions and then used our fingers to make sure we planted them far enough apart and in straight lines.  We found that the peas were different and needed to be planted in zig zags.

We are so lucky to have a water barrell next to the outdoor classroom or we would be making lots of journey’s back to the classroom to fill our watering cans!

  IMG_0441 IMG_0438IMG_0437

We have been extremely lucky to get a plant donation from Jack and Jo’s.  They gave us quite a few plants that needed a bit of extra care and attention and we thought that we were up to the challenge!  Thank you very much!

Year 3 – Green Fingers

We are so lucky here at St Mary and St Thomas Aquinas to have such beautiful gardens around our school. This term we have decided it’s time to grab our garden spades, pop our wellies on and get dirty! We have decided to get planting to see what we can grow. Unfortunately our raised beds looked untidy after the cold, wet winter and so we planned to dig them out and get weeding.

Our first week saw our mini gardeners work through the snow and rain to prepare the beds ready for planting.  The children were so keen and didn’t grumble at getting their hands dirty.

IMG_0458 IMG_0459 IMG_0453


The following week, we managed to garden in our shorts as the weather was absolutely glorious!  We needed to do a bit more weeding as the pesky weeds had started growing back.  A parent had kindly donated some onions, so Tony and us set about our first real planting experience with these.

IMG_0428 IMG_0431 IMG_0429IMG_0430