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Merry Christmas

Kindergarten students learnt shapes such as circle, triangle, square and rectangular and they created their own snowman, and Christmas Celebration Cards using these shapes…  

We Are Human Clocks

2nd grade students of Samsun Final Primary Schools, Turkey, made a circle in the school garden with  equal distances then they learnt to tell the time in English. They learnt time measurement and units of time

First Experiences In Maths

1st grade students in Samsun Final Okulları, Turkey went to a local market after learning addition, substraction, multiplying and dividing. They had fun spending their money.

Mathematical Patties :)

5th and 6th Grade Children studied on “Fractions”. They made some triangle patties out of square dough. They also calculated how many triangle patties can a square tray have…,,,,,,

Little Chefs are at work!

3 different groups of kids in Samsun Final Schools (1st, 2nd and 3rd Grades) went into the kitchen of the school, and made their own play dough. While making their funny toy, students used measuring cups as well as spoon, flour, water, bowls and plastic bags. Upon finishing the dough making, kids designed their own…