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A good day for shopping….

One day…. we decided to do shopping in the shops of our neighborhood. As long as we had counted our money… we started our walk……   We had a wonderful time We realised how useful are mathematical in our lives ….   1st  Primary school of Giannitsa , Greece  ( class E1)     http://…

Playing the roles… ( January – April 2015)

Inspired by the project “maths paths in Europe” we became butchers, bakers, grocers, greengrocers, booksellers e.t.c …. we practiced in math while simultaneously we had fun. Enjoying and learning …we solve mathematical problems and created some for you… (D3 class)  

Car registration plates (November 2014)

Students of the third grade decided to deal with the car registration plates, to  observe them, to study the numbers and the letters over to them, to learn their usefulness. When they were returned in their classroom,  they decided   to  paint or make similar of them with various materials.

Numbers around us….. (November 2014)

The lesson was planned for  D class,(November 2014), by  English teacher Iatropoulou Fani,  to be carried out in a two-hour session.The major aim was to revise numbers.  Although learners had mastered counting from one to ten during the previous school year and despite the fact that they did well in oral production of numbers from…

Door numbers – Distance calculation (Novemder 2014 )

The children of B class worked in small groups to observe the number, the shape in buildings, and measure the distance from church to school with the help of small squares which were painted by them on the sidewalk outside of the school yard . Each child counted his steps until  he reach the front door of…