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Playground game_The duks on the lake

Playground game_”The duks on the lake”



  • Name right geometric shapes: circle, square, triangle, rectangle
  • Carry out the correct number (children are counted among them)
  • Perform correspondence with the figure number
  • Carry out practically and mentally composing and decomposing numbers

Game description:

  • It defines the playing area which is walking ducks on the lake
  • Inside the lake- defines a number of islands in a circle, square, triangle, rectangle and children will name their form before the start of the game
  • Each island salvation is marked by the teacher with a figure showing how many ducklings can save it (the figures will be distributed so that their total is less by 1 than the children number so that a child will remain without; child place on an island devoid show a figure that he will show the number of jumps you have to execute as a punishment or will have to be measured with standard tools islends saving etc)
  • The role of leader early in the game belongs to the teacher, then it can be taken by children, by respecting rules of the game will be so rewarded
  • Ducks early in the game (children) among islands floating on lake
  • Whistle to signal from approaching ducks are cautioned that crocodile arrived and must save them on islands, ducklings’ child counting among themselves so that the rules are respected.

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