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Do you want to buy a house?

From simulation to reality: the children had fun and that they had done similar things with their families.

They learned about interest,  rate, discount, the instalment and loans!

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Learn to do the shopping

How we can learn to do the shopping!

First we go  to the cheese market and ask for a typical one.

1- dal formaggiaio 2- scegliamo e assaggiamo il Montasio


At the grocery we choose a famous  Tavagnacco product: asparagus!

3- i famosi asparagi di Tavagnacco

And now it’s your turn to calculate: if we buy some cheese….If we buy some asparagus…..

4- acquistiamo i prodotti tipici e calcoliamo la spesa

This is a useful for you to practise.

5- prove di acquisto