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Meeting our European friends

James and Raymond were delighted to meet the teachers from Romania. They were able to test their language skills and hold a conversation in Romanian.

DSCN8172 DSCN8174 DSCN8181

Tomaz, Mateusz and Natalie were also delighted to meet our European friends from Poland. The Polish teachers were very impressed with their Polish! Natalie even sang a Polish song for them!

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Project Meeting – England – November 2014

This week we welcomed visitors from Belgium, Spain, Greece, Italy, Poland and Romania to our school. These are the countries involved in our new Erasmus Project “Maths Paths in Europe”

The day began with a welcome assembly in the school hall. The children sang and danced for the visitors.

DSCN8096 DSCN8098
DSCN8102 DSCN8121 DSCN8125 DSCN8128

The visitors then went on a tour of the school and met the children in their classrooms.

DSCN8139 DSCN8144 DSCN8149 DSCN8152 DSCN8166 DSCN8168

A project meeting was then held in the training room with Mrs Gourley and Mr Kennedy and all of the European visitors. This was an opportunity to share and discuss all of the work we have done in our schools linked to “Maths in the Street”. We then planned and discussed the work we will be carrying out in January.

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Finally the visitors enjoyed meeting parents at our Fairtrade coffee afternoon.

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